TEDxAlmedalen 2015

The theme for the 2015 edition of TEDxAlmedalen is “Sliding Doors”

Defining moments, cross roads, decision making and twists of fate are in focus when TEDxAlmedalen takes place this summer. The theme of this year’s TEDxAlmedalen is called Sliding Doors.

Madeleine Opira: I am a number

Alexandra Charles: Swimming against the tide

Johar Bendjelloul: Why “I dont know” is the most fascinating answer

Rebecka Askaner: Drag queers are doing it for themselvs

Mohamed Gohar: Preserving our memories through sketches and drawings

David Batstone: Attacking problems at its roots

Speakers 2015

Rebecka Askaner Alexandra Charles

Rebecka Askaner
and Alexandra Charles

2015-06-24 Rebecka Askaner is an artist and performer whose work circles around cyborgs, dragshows, beauty practices and fan girls. Alexandra Charles is the founder of the 1,6 – and the 2,6 million club initiatives promoting women’s health.

Johar Bendjelloul Mohamed Gohar

Johar Bendjelloul
and Mohamed Gohar

2015-06-16 Johar Bendjelloul is the host for P1 Morgon on Swedish National Radio. Before that he was the host of the popular TV-shows Babel and Gomorgon Sverige. Mohamed Gohar is an architect from Egypt who has gained attention for his work to preserve the architectural heritage of Alexandria.

David Batstone Madeleine Opira

David Batstone
and Madeleine Opira

2015-06-02 David Batstone is co-founder and president of global anti-slavery organization Not For Sale and Madeleine Opira is the author of the book “Generation Integration” and co-author of the Anthologies “Formation Journey” and founder of the think tank A Million Minds.

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