TEDxAlmedalen, 3rd July, 2014

The theme for the 2014 edition of TEDxAlmedalen is “The conversation”

Conversations are about problem solving and new possibilities, conversations are about love and compassion, conversations are about democracy and diplomacy. When TEDxAlmedalen is arranged for the fifth consecutive year, the conversation is in focus.

This year’s TEDxAlmedalen is arranged together with Hyper Island.

Baker Karim: When the willing suspension of disbelief ends

Anna Hedenmo: To leave your mediated self-image behind

Zeenat Rahman: The power of conversations

Kent Wisti: Having the strength to live and the courage to die

Linn Livijn Wexell: Starting Conversations

Navid Modiri: Sweden 3.0

Speakers 2014

Linn Livijn Wexelland Baker Karim

Linn Livijn Wexell
and Baker Karim

2014-06-25 Announcing Linn Livijn Wexell an innovator and an activist with a passion for questions concerning human rights and Baker Karim a film maker employed as a film commissioner for the Swedish Film Institute.

Zeenat Rahman and Navid Modiri

Zeenat Rahman and Navid Modiri

2014-06-09 Announcing Zeenat Rahman, Special Adviser on Global Youth Issues to US Secretary of State, John Kerry and Navid Modiri, highly appreciated lecturer, artist and writer.


Anna Hedenmo (Photo: Sofia Sabel/SVT) Kent Wisti (Photo: Pierre Mens)

2014-05-21 Announcing Anna Hedenmo, Swedish journalist and tv-host, working for Swedish National Television and Kent Wisti, University campus priest, visual artist, cartoonist with training in psychotherapy.

TEDxAlmedalen is arranged as a midnight session on 3rd of July from 9 pm in a private garden in the central part of Visby, Sweden. There is a limited amount of seats.

Registration will open a week before the event and is required.

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